This summer promises to deliver great tasting, juicy peaches that many of you expect every year.  In early July you will be able to place pre-orders for any or all of the four shipments throughout the month of August.  This year you will be able to find us at the KMART Mall parking lot on S Washington St. Additionally, you can find us at the Grand Forks Farmer's Market and the Off the Chart Music Festival in Cavalier, ND.  

We've added a peach recipe cookbook for purchase this year.  Every summer we are asked what can you do with a whole "lug" of peaches?  With the help of loyal peach buyers and great home Chefs, we compiled our first edition peach recipe cookbook.  We hope you try out some great tasting recipes and share your favorite recipes for inclusion in a second edition in the future!




Here's how to order:


Option 1 (Preferred)

  1. Complete the on-line form below and pay via Paypal.  NOTE:  You do not have to set up a Paypal account to pay using this service.  


Option 2

  1. Print off the this year's Colorado peaches brochure by clicking here.

  2. Fill out appropriate information and select which dates you would like your peaches.
  3. Mail brochure in to GFYFC with a payment for the peaches you are ordering to the following address:

Grand Forks Youth for Christ
PO Box 14484
Grand Forks, ND 58208

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